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Imse Vimse History

Imse Vimse was founded in 1989 by Marie Walleberg in Sweden.  Her daughter had developed diaper eczema from disposable diapers.  This prompted Marie to use cloth diapers for the first time.  Her daughter recovered quickly and Marie discovered the benefits of cloth diapers.  She wanted to share her discovery with others and started Imse Vimse so that more people could be able to use cloth diapers. Imse Vimse's products are now sold in many countries throughout the world.  Many parents have had the joy of using Imse Vimse's natural and modern cloth diapers for their children.

Time to Change Diapers!

At Imse Vimse we have been developing and manufacturing washable diapers for many years.
Correct environmental thinking means not producing any waste at all. With cloth diapers there is no waste and no compost problems. So, yes, it's time to switch to cloth diapers!
I have met many parents who have been surprised that cloth diapers could work so well. Also, research shows that many children who have used cloth diapers become potty-trained earlier.
Cloth diapers are easy to use. You save money and spare the environment. Give your child soft comfort during the diapering stage.

Good luck!
Marie Walleberg

Marie at a fair in Jönköping in 2003.

Imse Vimse in America
Rosie Kellman has been distributing for Imse Vimse in North America since November 2004 to increase the accessability of Imse Vimse products in the United States and Canada. 

Rosie with designers Irene and Susanne at the Imse Vimse warehouse in Sweden