Putting on a cloth diaper in three easy steps!

1. Grab a diaper cover of choice 2. Put an insert in the diaper cover (+ paper liners if you’d like to) 3. Put the baby in the diaper And done! that’s how easy it is! And if you find that three steps are one too many, we would  strongly recommend you to try the All-in-one […]

Cloth diaper starter box

Get started with cloth diapers with our Starter Box

Get started with cloth diapering with our affordable starter kit! The starter box contains eight diaper changes. A clever way of getting started with cloth diapers and saving some money! ImseVimse’s start-kit with diapers has a clever and innovative new design that grows with your baby and fits throughout the diaper period. These diapers will fit babies between […]

Renewable polyester at Imse Vimse

Sun Protection Clothes made from recycled polyester

Did you know that our Sun Protection Collection is made of recycled polyamide and polyester? This makes the ImseVimse range of sun protection clothing a better and more sustainable choice than sun protection clothing not made of recycled and renewable materials.   CLOTHES MADE FROM OLD PLASTIC BOTTLES? Polyester/Polyamide is a synthetic material and is widely […]

top of the line swim diaper from imse vimse imsevimse

FAQ Swim Diapers

Our swim diaper is top of the line on the market! The great quality and design makes this a swim diaper you can rely on. In this post we will help you choose the right size and talk about what a swim diaper does and what you can expect from it. Choosing the right size […]

washable and reusable nursing pads

Reusable nursing pads!

Nursing pads is a typical product that most women who breastfeed will use, but have your ever tried washable nursing pads that can be used over and over again? Not only great for the planet and your health but also great for your wallet since it will help you save money in the long run. […]

Using cloth diapers at preschool

If you’re using cloth diapers at home it’s only natural that you’d prefer doing the same at preschool. Most of the time the teachers are okey with this, but sometimes they have concerns about the use of cloth diapers at daycare. They might be worried it will create more work for them, that the diapers […]

The power of the sun!

The sun is amazing in so many ways. Its warmth and present is loved by us humans and we rely on for our survival. But did you know that there are other uses for the sun and its rays? You can actually use the sun in your washing routine for a natural and environmentally friendly […]

The upside of cloth pads!

Up or down One of the most common questions that we get about our pantyliners and cloth pads are which side should go up and which side should lie down in your panties. Using our pads with prints it’s easy to see what side should be facing down and up. The printed side should be […]

Finally! The thong pantyliner has arrived!

After quite a few requests from our customers we have finally met their wish and command and can now offer a pantyliner especially designed for the thong. With a slender fit and being slightly thinner than our regular pantyliner, it will fit so perfectly that you won’t even notice it being there! Using our washable […]

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