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A Trip to The Los Angeles Eco Village

My mom and dad are taking me to a special place today, I am so excited! They said we get to take a tour at the Los Angeles Eco Village. The village offers tours every few weeks, so my parents made a reservation for us to go today! My mom and dad have been talking a lot about living a greener lifestyle. They said this place will give them new ideas and information about how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle at our house…

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Ditch The Chemicals

Most conventional “period products” are made using plastics and rayon as well as harmful chemicals, bleaches and additives. When we use these products month after month, we expose ourselves to harmful materials and chemicals. And I’m one of them who sometimes forgets how long I’ve had it in. I can’t believe I just told you that but its true. The hours pass by and you’re busy and all of a sudden you remember. Crap…am I going to get toxic?

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