I want My Cloth Diapers

Where do the diapers go that we throw away? My mom said we could fill a whole landfill with all of the diapers I am using. Is that where trash goes? Do my diapers stay there forever? That sounds stinky, all of my diapers in the land of fill. Maybe it’s a country, I’ll ask […]

Cloth Diapers – Easiest guide ever made!

Do you find cloth diapering being a jungle? Fear no more! This will probably be one of the easiest guides on how to use the 2-part System cloth diapers ever made! SHOP HERE: Diaper Covers >> Formfitted terry diapers >> Muslin squares >> Accessories >>  

Easy washing routine for cloth diapers

Yes, cloth diapers will generate work than using disposable diapers but with a simple enough washing routine, it doesn’t have to be all that much of a hassle as you’d think. Here are a few guidelines when it comes to washing cloth diapers. Create your own washing routine that works for you and your family. Flush the […]

Putting on a cloth diaper in three easy steps!

1. Grab a diaper cover of choice 2. Put an insert in the diaper cover (+ paper liners if you’d like to) 3. Put the baby in the diaper And done! that’s how easy it is! And if you find that three steps are one too many, we would  strongly recommend you to try the All-in-one […]

Cloth diaper starter box

Get started with cloth diapers with our Starter Box

Get started with cloth diapering with our affordable starter kit! The starter box contains eight diaper changes. A clever way of getting started with cloth diapers and saving some money! ImseVimse’s start-kit with diapers has a clever and innovative new design that grows with your baby and fits throughout the diaper period. These diapers will fit babies between […]

Using cloth diapers at preschool

If you’re using cloth diapers at home it’s only natural that you’d prefer doing the same at preschool. Most of the time the teachers are okey with this, but sometimes they have concerns about the use of cloth diapers at daycare. They might be worried it will create more work for them, that the diapers […]

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