Ditch The Chemicals

Do you know what your feminine products are made of? Most conventional “period products” are made using plastics and rayon as well as harmful chemicals, bleaches and additives. When we use these products month after month, we expose ourselves to harmful materials and chemicals. And I’m one of them who sometimes forgets how long I’ve […]

The Search for a Sustainable Cycle

Are You an Eco Conscious Woman? Are you trying to live a “green” life? If so, the transition from traditional products to safer, more intentional products that are better for both the environment and you can take weeks or even months. My name is Doreen Genmark and I’m about to get real personal. A year […]

The upside of cloth pads!

Up or down One of the most common questions that we get about our pantyliners and cloth pads are which side should go up and which side should lie down in your panties. Using our pads with prints it’s easy to see what side should be facing down and up. The printed side should be […]

Finally! The thong pantyliner has arrived!

After quite a few requests from our customers we have finally met their wish and command and can now offer a pantyliner especially designed for the thong. With a slender fit and being slightly thinner than our regular pantyliner, it will fit so perfectly that you won’t even notice it being there! Using our washable […]

The absorption of our different sizes cloth pads

We get many questions regarding the differences in the absorption of our cloth pads. Apart from the obvious differences of the size of the pads, the construction of the cloth pads differ from pad to pad. They are all built up with absorbing layers of organic cotton and a layer of leak proof PUL. The thong pantyliner is […]

Fifth graders make cloth pads in class

A while ago a teacher contacted us at ImseVimse. She had a class of fifth graders who after a a school project about sustainability decided that they wanted to make cloth pads in handicraft class. We were thrilled to hear about this and gladly gave them materials to make their cloth pads. This is a […]

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