What does organic cotton really mean?

ORGANIC COTTON Is it really better? For whom? What is the difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton? And what does it take for cotton to be organic? Let us answer these questions for you. PESTICIDES & SPILLAGE Of everything grown on our planet, cotton stands for only a small percentage (2,5%). But even though the […]

A Trip to The Los Angeles Eco Village

My mom and dad are taking me to a special place today, I am so excited! They said we get to take a tour at the Los Angeles Eco Village. The village offers tours every few weeks, so my parents made a reservation for us to go today! My mom and dad have been talking a […]

The Search for a Sustainable Cycle

Are You an Eco Conscious Woman? Are you trying to live a “green” life? If so, the transition from traditional products to safer, more intentional products that are better for both the environment and you can take weeks or even months. My name is Doreen Genmark and I’m about to get real personal. A year […]

Renewable polyester at Imse Vimse

Sun Protection Clothes made from recycled polyester

Did you know that our Sun Protection Collection is made of recycled polyamide and polyester? This makes the ImseVimse range of sun protection clothing a better and more sustainable choice than sun protection clothing not made of recycled and renewable materials.   CLOTHES MADE FROM OLD PLASTIC BOTTLES? Polyester/Polyamide is a synthetic material and is widely […]

Fifth graders make cloth pads in class

A while ago a teacher contacted us at ImseVimse. She had a class of fifth graders who after a a school project about sustainability decided that they wanted to make cloth pads in handicraft class. We were thrilled to hear about this and gladly gave them materials to make their cloth pads. This is a […]

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