Earth-friendly and personalized gift ideas for christmas

Running out of gift ideas? Here are some earth-friendly gifts you’ll feel great about giving.

1. A gift for grandma and grandpa that have everything.
Create a lasting memory by putting together a scrapbook of pictures from the year. When you deliver it include a set of washable wipes for the tears of joy that will be sliding down their cheeks.

2. The perfect gift to give a girl on her period.
Green is the new black. Besides a box of organic chocolate and a sweet note get her a monthly kit of organic and reusable menstrual pads, makeup pads and waterproof bag. Mix and match sizes and prints, giving her a conscious start to her new year.

3. For your SPA loving cousin.
Make your own massage oil, bath oil or face mask that you think they’d love. Put reusable cleansing pads in a glass jar, write a personal note and your gift is ready. Personal, eco-friendly and guaranteed to be appreciated.

4. For your siblings’ new baby
A parent’s lifesaver is wipes. You can never get too many and what a better way to ease their way into parenthood by supplying them with a lifetime set of reusable organic cotton wipes.

5. For your sleep-deprived partner or best friend
Give the gift of rest with a luxury sleep mask made of organic cotton and silk. Add a subscription to an audible they’ve been wanting to listen to or create a soothing playlist on Spotify. You’ll be their favourite way past the holidays.


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