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FAQ Potty Training

We get a lot of questions regarding potty training and our training pants. What purpose do they have? How do I use them? What size should I use? And at what age can I start using them?
Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. Please let us know if you have a question and can’t find your answer here!


ImseVimse’s training pants are used as an aid when potty training. The pant is worn as regular underwear. The training pant has extra absorbing layers of cotton that helps absorb urine and creates a wet feeling for the child. This will then help the child to associate the feeling of needing to go to the toilet with the wet feeling of the training pant.

Although the training pant has a protective layer of PUL to prevent instant leakage when the pant gets wet it is not leakproof. The training pant is not a diaper and should not be treated as one. The pant is merely an aid in potty training. The training pant will leak eventually which it’s the purpose of the pant, but it gives you the chance and time of bringing your child to the potty without getting pee all over the floor or the couch. As soon as the child wets the training pant, take it off and sit the child down on the potty or toilet. In time there might be only a few drops in the pant and the rest in the toilet and before you know it, the child will choose the toilet before the pant. If the child pees in the pant and continues wearing it, it will leak. By being consistent in your potty training it will help the child to associate pee with the toilet or potty. Ask the child on a regular basis if it need to sit on the potty.

It is important to keep a relaxed approach towards the child when it comes to potty training since many children tend to be a bit skeptical towards the toilet training. Find your own routine that works for you and your child and try making it a safe and enjoyable task for the child.

The sizes are set to the weight of the child. It’s important that the training pant fits the child comfortably. Our sizes start at 9 kg and the largest one fits children of approximately 20 kg. Make sure the fit is snug.

The training pant is not a diaper and should not be used as one. Instead use the training pant as an aid in potty training during the daytime when the child is ready for potty training. Since the pant is not leak proof it will leak with larger amounts of liquid so it is not recommended to use the training pant during night.


How many pants you’ll need varies from child to child. Some children will learn quicker than the next child to use the potty instead of wetting the pant. Some children pees quite frequently and some only a few times a day. It also depends on how active of a roll you as the parent take in the training process. By asking the child every now and then if it need the potty and placing the child on the it, the chances are that more and more urine actually hits the toilet or the potty instead of ending up in the training pant. The quicker the process the fewer pants needed.
Also if you have a washing machine at home it’s easier and quicker to wash the used ones compared to using a public laundry room or laundromat.
We normally recommend that you get 3-5 training pants.


It is highly individual from child to child. Some parents will start the potty training right from day 1 (EC) and some prefer to wait a few moths or even years. You know your child and what is best for it. Our pants can be used from the weight of around 9 kg.

You can find our potty training pants here >>

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