Just keep swimming

We went to the pool today!

Mom says we are lucky to live in California, it’s warm most of the year. So even though it is winter, we still get to swim. I’m going to start swim class. Click this link if you want to start swimming too. It’s really fun and it’s important.

Mom let me wear my special swim diaper in the pool. There are little boats on my swim pants. They float around, just like me! It made me happy because she has been letting me wear my special pants every day, I didn’t want to wear my old pants when we went swimming. Mom said this pant is for me to wear only when I am swimming. I don’t understand why. I like them and there is a button on the side that really came in handy today when I pooped in my pants. Usually we have to leave the water when someone poops because it swims around in the water. But this time it didn’t. It stayed in my swim pants!

After that mom carried me in the pool and helped me swim. We had so much fun splashing and playing in the water. I changed to my dinosaur swim pants. I like them too. I don’t understand why mommy calls them diapers, they don’t look like diapers. I look like all the big boys and girls. And these pants don’t get heavy when they get wet. I’m going to call them pants. Mom can call them swim diapers if she wants.

After a lot of time in the pool, we got really hungry. So we sat by the pool and had a snack. Mom said that gives me energy so I can keep playing. We got to play in the water for some more time, but then I started to feel really tired. When I started crying and got angry in the pool, my mom said it was time to go home and rest.

She used my special towel to dry me off. It has a hood to dry my head, then she wraps me up all the way. I felt much better in my towel. We went to the big room with potties and got changed into our warm dry clothes. My mom put my new swim diapers in the wet bag, so I could wear my reusable diapers for my nap. This time I got to wear lions and giraffes! I like that diaper.

When we drove back home, I fell asleep. Mom carried me inside our house and put me in my bed. It was such a fun day, I like this not throwing away my things, this sustainable living.


Thinking of going swimming?

  1. If your child has diarrhea, it’s best to keep them out of the pool to prevent spreading germs.
  2. According to the CDC: “frequently check swim diapers and swim pants (about every 60 minutes), and change them in a diaper-changing area—away from the poolside.

For more on clean swimming with toddlers and infants in diapers, visit: https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/swimming/swimmers/swim-diapers-swim-pants.html

Want to find a swim school, visit United States Swim School Association, they have over 400 schools in 39 states:



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