I’m Sharing My Blanket

Something Special For You!

When I came out of my room this morning, my morfar (grandpa in swedish) told me he had something special for me. It was covered with special paper that had pictures all over it! He said I could rip this paper, because there was a present inside. My mom tells me I am not supposed to rip papers because they might be important. But morfar said it was okay to rip this paper, it’s called wrapping paper. Maybe I can use it again to wrap my car. The paper was covering a special blanket for me! I am so happy, I wanted a blanket of my own.

This blanket has pictures of animals on it. Morfar looked at the animals with me and told me what each animal is called. My blanket has a seal, walrus and polar bear to remind me of Sweden. They have snow there. If you’ve never been you should visit. My blanket is from Visby. It also has snowflakes and igloos on it. He said there are blankets with different animal pictures on them and even rainbow stripes, but he thought I would like this one the best. I feel special, knowing that morfar was thinking of me and picked these animals just for me!

The blanket is so soft too. It feels nice when I rub it on my skin. Morfar says it is made of Organic Cotton. That’s what my mom says about my wipes and diapers. Morfar said this soft cotton blanket came from Sweden, where he lives with mormor (Swedish for grandma). Morfar said it has double layers to keep me extra warm when I am sleeping. He said double means two. I will be two years old soon. Me and my blanket will both be two!  We should have a party, a blanket party! You should get one too. 

(Want a blanket like Tiger, here is a code for you to use at checkout BLANKET. Get 50% off on all animal blankets….but don’t tell anyone.hi hi hi!)


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