Did you know I’m Swedish

Grandma and Grandpa Came to My House!

…well I call them mormor and morfar, that’s Swedish. I was so happy to see them. I was born in Sweden but I live here now. Grandma and Grandpa came in an airplane from Sweden to my house so we ate all of my favorite foods for morning time. I gave them lots of hugs and kisses when I saw them and then I spilled my milk when I was trying to put the milk in my bag, grandma just laughed and cleaned me with a super soft wipe. I like these wipes, I can lick on them and they don’t taste funny.

After my nap, we went out to play with grandma and grandpa. When we were eating lunch at the park I got food all over me. My mom used my wipes to clean me, she always has them in her big bag. I like how soft they are. Did you know that they are from Sweden too, just like me. They were born there but now they live here, like me. They are made of cotton…I don’t know what that is but mom and dad like keeping them and we have a lot of them, pink, blue, black and green. When they can’t see me I clean my train with them. I don’t think they mind because you can wash these wipes. Me and daddy like to watch them spin in the washing machine. It’s so fun!

When we got back from the park, Grandma gave me a bath! I got to show her my new bath toys and splash with her. I had a fun day with Grandma and Grandpa. I am glad they came to my house.

Did you know: That the ImseVimse story started almost 30 years ago….that is really really long time ago…almost as old as my grandma, in the Swedish city of Visby by a girl named Marie. She wants to save the planet so she uses cotton that is organic and comes from people that she talked to and have a fancy paper and are part of the Control Union Certification program. I don’t know what the last thing means but it got my parents excited so it must be good.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to get grandpa to get me a new blanket. He always plays with me….I think he loves me…and I like to snuggle with him.


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