The Search for a Sustainable Cycle

Are You an Eco Conscious Woman?

Are you trying to live a “green” life? If so, the transition from traditional products to safer, more intentional products that are better for both the environment and you can take weeks or even months.

My name is Doreen Genmark and I’m about to get real personal. A year ago, about that time of the month, I was rushing through the store trying to find my usual period essentials when my friend, that was tagging along, suggested I switch to cloth pads.

“It will save you money, you will feel better and Mother Earth is going to love you!”, she yelled allowing everyone in the store to know my business. Slightly embarrassed I laughed and replied:”Eeeew that’s gross.” I picked up my essentials and ran out.

While it’s easy to cover cleaning products, laundry products and reusable storage and bags, and even fair-trade products, have you ever given much thought to your feminine products? I hadn’t. One area at a time, a few swapped out products at a time, you too can have a toxic products free, more sustainable home. I’ve turned my fridge and pantry green, now it’s time to find a greener solution for my period. Follow me for the next couple of weeks on my search for a sustainable cycle.

Did you know that you have greener options when it comes to your period? And that the average woman experiences her period for 3-7 days each month and has this cycle from the ages of 13-51. That’s 456 cycles in the average woman’s lifetime.

So here I am, a year has gone by since that awkward day at the store and I’m now working for ImseVimse here in the States, a company passionate about sustainable living. Devoted to making sustainable consumption a norm, and that actually cares about the impact that we are having on our planet. A new world has opened up for me and I’m excited.

Whether you prefer tampons or pads, there are a variety of options. From disposable environmentally friendly products, to reusable, more sustainable options.  If you are especially concerned about your footprint as I have now become, here  are some alternatives to the typical tampons and sanitary pads:

Chemical Free disposable tampons: there are a few companies currently offering a disposable, chemical free alternative to the traditional drug-store brands. The one I’m trying now is Cora, beautful and meaningful packaging and I love that for every monthly supply I buy they donate a monthly supply to a girl in need.

Cloth pads: Similar to the typical disposable pads we are used to, these cloth pads are used, washed and re-used again and again. I have a set and I absolutely love the night pad. My next step is leaving the house while using a regular pad or a panty liner. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Want to win a start kit follow us on Instagram and follow the instructions.

Reusable tampons: similar to cloth pads, the reusable tampon is rolled, inserted, washed and re-used. Our tampons are made of 100% organic cotton and are not yet offered in the U.S. we do however offer them in Europe. Curious to know more? Click here to see our reusable tampons.

Sea-sponge tampons: Supposedly, even Cleopatra used them. They are also re-usable, made from sustainably harvested sea-sponge. Ok, this one I have no clue about….anyone that have tried and can give me a tip or two?

Menstrual cups: A small silicone cup inserted to catch blood. MeLuna is supposed to have the best selection, might try one next time…..I will let you know if I do. I you know of any other brand I should research, comment below or send me an email. My contact info is on our About Us page.

While some alternatives are very similar to the traditional products we are used to, others are more outside the box. But as we research, crunch some numbers and try a few options, I hope my journey can help you find the one that’s right for you. And yes, reusable can co-exist with disposables, if you choose wisely.


Stay tuned for my next update on my cycle shenanigans/ Doreen…psssst click my name and scroll down to meet me and the rest of the ImseVimse team.



For more information, visit the American Pregnancy Associations website at Also checkout for great information about fair trade.

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