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Top 11 benefits of using cloth pads

1. It is better for the environment

A woman menstruates 32 years on average and uses approximately 12,000-16,000 disposable pads and tampons in a lifetime. Disposables are after only one single use thrown away and left to decompose. Many of these products, unfortunately, end up in nature as well. Also, the process of making disposable products has a great impact on the environment which should also be taken into consideration when looking at the environmental impacts that disposable sanity products have on our planet. The disposable product is made of different types of plastics and like that wasn’t enough, every single pad and tampon is wrapped up in a piece of plastic. 

2. Disposable sanitary pads and tampons contain chemicals
By switching from disposable sanitary pads and tampons to cloth pads, you no longer need to overuse all the plastics, chemicals, and perfumes that disposables are made of. Plastics contain many different chemicals that are no good for our health. Some might even be endocrine disruptive chemicals, which means they might play a hazardous game with your health.  Even if one type of plastic or material is approved for humans to use, few tests are being executed to what happens when you will combine these materials and chemicals. On their own, they might not be harmful to your health but combined they might make up a toxic cocktail of chemicals. 


3. They might reduce your menstrual pain

Many Cloth pad users report a reduction in menstrual pain as they transition to reusable Cloth pads and stop exposing their body to chemicals. The chemicals in disposable period protection start the body’s defense system and can make you feel more tired than usual.

Cloth pads are made of 100% organic cotton!


4. It is healthier for you
A lot of women have gotten rid of itchiness and vaginal yeast infections simply by changing to cloth pads. Cloth pads are made of natural and breathable materials that are kind to your skin and your intimate parts.

5. They don’t smell
There are misconceptions that say that period smell bad. The truth about period and odor is that the odor develops when disposable pads block the ventilation and then also raise the temperature, but also when the chemicals from the disposable pads are mixed with blood. Human blood itself has no strange odor. Cloth pads, on the other hand, breathe, add no chemicals, and make the moisture evaporate faster. Cloth pads do not contain synthetic fragrance. When your hormones are running wild a chemical fragrance is the last thing you need. So are the irritation, itching, and discharge, which can all be caused by scented products.

6. They work great with menstrual cups

If you use a menstrual cup but feel worried about possible leaks, reusable sanitary pads are great. ImseVimses Panty Liners are an excellent friend to the cup, they provide extra protection and are comfy. Now you can enjoy the benefits of the cup and not have to worry about messing up your underwear ever again!


Find your panty liner here!


7. They are just more comfortable

If there is any time when we want to feel extra cozy and comfy, that is when we are on our period. 


8. You will always have Period protection at home

No more running around like crazy in the house trying to find disposable products and discover that you are all out. You have your Cloth Pads stash all sorted out in your underwear drawer, ready to bleed!


9. You save money

During a lifetime we spend ridiculous amounts of money on something that we only use once to then throw away. Imagine if we did the same with plates and cutlery and only used disposable utensils instead and after every meal, we simply threw the plates away in the trash. Sounds crazy right? Well, that is exactly what we are doing by using disposable tampons and pads. By swapping your sanitary protection to reusable ones you will quite quickly get your money’s worth.

10. You might experience Period positivity! 🙂
Menstruation can be stigmatized as dirty, but a washable, reusable sanitary pad brings a positive connection with the monthly cycle. These are not thrown away but are cared for and kept for the next month.


11. Cloth pads are quiet

Have you worn disposable pads and had the feeling that EVERYONE can hear the rustle from your underwear? If you don’t like to announce to the world that you have your period, you’ll love that cloth pads are super quiet. 


BONUS: Cloth pads come in so many patterns and colors! 

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