A Trip to The Los Angeles Eco Village

My mom and dad are taking me to a special place today, I am so excited! They said we get to take a tour at the Los Angeles Eco Village. The village offers tours every few weeks, so my parents made a reservation for us to go today! My mom and dad have been talking a lot about living a greener lifestyle. They said this place will give them new ideas and information about how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle at our house.

The Los Angeles Eco Village is a big place where a lot of people live really close to each other and help each other every day. They grow food together in their big garden, and everybody there gets to eat it. They even make a big dinner some nights and everyone comes to eat it together. I bet their garden is as big as our backyard!

My mom and dad said they have a lot of questions and will get answers when we are on the tour. My mom said we get to walk all over the place. We will get to see their pet bees and chickens. My mom said the chickens lay eggs, just like we buy at the store! Is that where eggs come from? Chickens? I am nervous about their pet bees, will they sting me? I will stay close to my dad when we see the bees, he will keep me safe.

My dad said they also have good ideas for making less trash. He said they think about what to do with their wrappers and trash when they are done. It either goes in a pile in the dirt (a compost pile), they put it in their blue trash can (recycle) or share their things with someone else when they are done with them. Those sound like good ideas!

We get to look around and play outside where they live. I wonder if there are a lot of kids there? I hope we get to play together. It sounds like all of the families that live there live like one big family and play together all of the time. I would like to have a lot of friends living close to me. Then I will be able to play with my friends all of the time. Gotta go, we are leaving to go to the Eco Village now!

To learn more about the Los Angeles Eco Village or to book your tour, visit http://laecovillage.org/

To find out about eco villages around the world, visit https://ecovillage.org/

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