Easy washing routine for cloth diapers

Yes, cloth diapers will generate work than using disposable diapers but with a simple enough washing routine, it doesn’t have to be all that much of a hassle as you’d think. Here are a few guidelines when it comes to washing cloth diapers. Create your own washing routine that works for you and your family.

Flush the poop
Simply shake off the poop into the toilet. If you’re using paper liners  simply lift up the paper liner with the poop in it. You can shake off the poop in to the toilet or simply throw the liner with the solids in it in the trash. Do not flush the paper liner down the toilet!  Rinse off  any excess poo.
how to wash the poo of cloth diapers and cloth nappies

Rinse & squeeze
Soak the diapers to make sure all the urine is rinsed off and then wring out the excess water. Then hang the diaper to dry before storing them in a wet bag until laundry day. The reason we recommend that you soak the diapers is to get all the urine out of the diaper. Urine contains ammonia which will make the diapers corrode if left for too long.
A lot of people puts a shower hose to the toilet and simply washes the diapers directly in the toilet, whereas others prefer to give them a good rinse in the shower, bathtub or in the sink. The diaper covers can be reused a few times before washing. Give them a quick rinse and let them dry and they are good to go again for a few more diaper changes. When ready for a proper wash they are washed along with the rest of the diapers. Wash dirty diapers within 2-3 days.
Soak the diapers and then dry

Laundry day
Put all the diapers, inserts and diaper covers in the washing machine. You can wash the diapers together with the rest of your laundry. Use a suitable detergent when washing your diapers. Don’t overuse detergent though. Too much detergent will not make the washing any cleaner, but might actually impair with the absorption. For that very same reason you should never use softener when washing your cloth diapers. Sometimes there’s a good idea to run the load of washing through an extra rinse cycle before the regular washing cycle. Vinegar can be used as a natural fabrik softener. Try to avoid using vinegar with the diaper covers, wet bags and the all-in-one diaper since the vinegar can ruin the PUL.

Let the cloth diapers hang dry. During summer, hang them to dry out in the sun. The sun will help whiten the stains. During winter you can leave the diapers out in the frost to help sanitize the diapers. The diapers can be tumble dried, but try not to dry the covers, AIOs and wet bags in the tumbler too often. It may damage the PUL.

All done!

More detailed washing instructions is to be found here >>

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